Doknotes was written and coded by Declan O’Kane


I started back in 2006 creating www.medexam.net learning some mysql and php. I ended up writing 1850 questions and lots of answers so I started writing simple summaries for each topic and went through the whole undergraduate curriculum.When the iphone came along I tried writing an app and then used all my summaries to create pocketmednotes in 2011 and this has become the shorter titled doknotes. Finally i mastered android too. I spend evenings and weekends producing and editing and refining content and it is a labour of love.

I am not interested in monetising it but my pay back is seeing lots of people use it so please promote it. I have not the funds to pay for advertising in the press or medical journals so its up to users to pass on the message. I really hope you find it useful.  If there is a vital fact that I have omitted then write to me and I will have it in the next update with acknowledgements. If you have good ECGs or medical images then please email me. drokane at gmail.com

I have been very much inspired by the opensource community in programming who create and ask for nothing. Just use it !

 I am also the author of more free content






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